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Trail Vision Plan


The Rensselaer Plateau Regional Trails Vision will bring all plateau municipalities, landowners, recreation organizations, and the public together to create a vision for a future network of trails. Together, we can address important questions and concerns (landowner rights, liability, trail management and maintenance, etc.), and identify and prioritize opportunities for short-term and longer-term projects that will lead to the realization of the regional trails vision. The Rensselaer Plateau Regional Trails Vision project will be accomplished in two phases. 

Phase I

The RPA will develop a map of all existing public trails across the Rensselaer Plateau, and will manage a public engagement process. Three Stakeholder meetings will be organized with (1) Town Open Space, Recreation or Environmental Committees, (2) RPA Alliance members, and (3) Business Associations, and will also organize three public meetings. The public engagement process will aim to: address the many questions about the development of trails on public and private land, generate additional ideas, and refine the Regional Trails Vision. Public meetings will start in Fall 2014. Make sure you keep informed by signing up for our Email List. A final report will be developed which will summarize results of the public process, and will provide a conceptual draft vision and a map of all known existing publicly accessible trails on the Plateau.

Phase II

Phase II included the development of a Trail Action Plan (lower right). The Plan illustrates the envisioned future trail network, and conveys its potential as a recreational and economic asset to the Plateau and the region. The Plan identifies and prioritizes next steps, and includes details about how the project could be accomplished, including responsibilities, partnerships, and sources of funding. This document will be shared to inspire action by communities and organizations across the Plateau.

Phase 1 Trail Vision Report pdf

Rensselaer Plateau Regional

Trail Vision Phase 1 Report - Sept 2015

Rensselaer Plateau Regional

Trail Action Plan - Oct 2018

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