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2021-11-18 Lecture_Emily Davis and Mike Warner_no link.png

Lecture Series: Our Northeastern Bats with Emily Davis and Mike Warner

Emily Davis and Mike Warner will discuss where bats are found and how they are studied, featuring many illustrations from the field. They will also look at the ongoing crisis of white nose syndrome. Learn more

2021-12-02 Guest Speaker Series_Celia Kutz_no link.png

Guest Speaker Series: A Space to Reflect, Learn, and Apply

Join Rensselaer Youth Outdoors Coordinator and Training for Change Core Trainer Celia Kutz for this final event of the Fall 2021 Guest Speaker Series. We'll reflect on what we've learned this Fall, ask questions, and strategize next steps. Learn more

2021-12-11 Mindful Walk_no link.png

December Mindful Walk

We invite you to slow down and engage with nature in the present moment, experiencing it through all your senses. All are welcome! Learn more

2021 Book Club Ongoing_no link.png

Nature Book Club

You are warmly invited to RPA's new Nature Book Club, with Rama Hamarneh, PhD. The book club provides a space to discuss books related to nature, together as a community! Learn more