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Library Collection

Library Collection at Sand Lake Town Library


The Rensselaer Plateau Alliance has assembled a special collection of books and other materials about the Plateau – its natural history, social history, recreational aspects, and other items relevant to its conservation. These materials, housed at the Sand Lake Town Library, are available for loan at the Library and by interlibrary loan through the Upper Hudson Library System. Click on the link to the right to search the Upper Hudson System. Click on the link below to see a list of Library Collection materials.


Given that the Rensselaer Plateau has only in recent years become a focus of attention, there has been relatively little written specifically about it. Consequently our natural history items generally cover areas larger than the Plateau itself, but which have within them conditions characteristic of the Plateau. Our social history items contain histories about specific Plateau towns, as well as others about Rensselaer County generally. Our conservation items cover matters essential to the understanding of Plateau issues, and are often general in nature.

Assembling the RPA collection of materials is an ongoing effort.

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