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Forests Forever Donors

Thank you SO MUCH for caring about and protecting the Rensselaer Plateau for years to come. By donating to the Forests Forever Campaign, you have made it possible to conserve 9 new properties, bringing our total conserved acreage to about 14,000!


We have so many people to thank. Below, you can find the list of Forests Forever Donors who made properties such as Bessie's Woods and Dill Brook Community Forest a part of the Rensselaer Plateau Alliance Community.

Thank You to Our Forests Forever Conservation Leaders


Lead Donors


Chet and Karen Opalka

William Lanford

William Boehme and Elizabeth Boehme Howe

Bill and Kay Valentino

Susan Poisson-Dollar and Jerry Dollar

Kevin and Mary Albert

Roland LeBarron

Donna Simms

Rensselaer Plateau Alliance Board of Directors

James Slavin and Monica Mottolese


Stewardship Donors


Alejandro Gutierrez and Lucia Skwarek

Tom and Maureen Cetrino

Bill and Kate Parks

Karen and Jeffrey Ross

Fred and Mona DeMay

Susan Blandy (in memory of Tom Blandy)

David Gaskell

Elizabeth and John Siedhoff

Michael and Lois Jensen

Garrett and Michele DeGraff


Forests Forever Donors


Carol Cabral and Evan Adelstein

David Aikens

Rachel Riemann Akera

Louis Amendolara

Edward and Karen Angell

Patti Annechiarico

Roger Armstrong

David and Mary Anne Austin

Raymond and Carol Baechler

Jeff and Cara Banks

Lorraine Beals

Cara Benson

Marie and Dan Bernadett

Mark Bertozzi

Jane Bolgatz

Jill Rembetski and Jim Bonesteel

Tim and Katie Bonnier

Nancy Brandt

Linda and Terry Brennan

Matilda Brett

Jean and Jeffrey Briggs

Alexander Bringsjord

Gertrude Brunelle

David Bruso

Donald and Candy Budesheim

Lori Buno-Taylor

Michael Cahill

Sheree Cammer

Donald and Maureen Canaperi

Alice Carpenter

Leslie and Thom Carroll

Leo and Marie Carroll

Gary and Patricia Charlton

Kate and Brian Chebatoris

John and Joyce Chupka

Rae Clark

Seth Cohen

Anne Conway

D. Joseph Corr and Cherie Pash Corr

Mary Cosgrove

Lydia Davis and Alan Cote

William Coulter

Patti Crandell

Margaret and Patrick Crowley

Michael Curley

Barbara Davis

Jerry De Luise

Jim and Sandra de Waal Malefyt

David DeFazio

Linda Delfs

John and Stephanie Deyo

Diane DiGiorgio

Anne Dillenbeck

Barry Donoan

Timothy Dormady

Robert Drew

Theresa Dudek

Craig Duncan

Marion Reynolds and Peter Dunleavy

Anele Dzekciorius

John and Betsy Belle Eadie

Donna Eckhardt

Fran Egbert

Tanja and Michael Eise

Kurt Eise

Michelle Elliot

Raymond Essiembre


Rick Face

Owen Goldfarb and Priscilla Fairbank

Barbara DeBuono and David Farren

Susan and Mark Fiet

Linda Filarecki

Bonnie and Terry Flynn

Kenneth Ford

Daniel Frament

Barbara Frankel

Randolph Franklin

Jerry Freedner

Alan Fuller

Rev. Peggy Funderburke

Patricia Gatto-Chinery

Jane Gelhorn

Shari and Dick Gibbs

Patricia Oleaga and Edward Gill

Barbara Gleichauf

Neil Golub

Susan and Jim Goodfellow

Emilie Gould

Kathleen Green

Freling Smith and Linda Griffin

Joseph and Mary Ellen Grimaldi

James Gumaer

Chuck Haley

Mary Hall and F. Michael Hall

Thomas Leddy-Cecere and Rama Hamarneh

Liesl Hammer

George Wilson and Pat Harrington

Margaret Harvey

David and Christina Hepp

Keith Hirokawa

Stanley and June Hmielenski

Martin Hotvet

Alice and Harold Howard

Susan Taylor and Lawrence Howard

John and Jane Husson

R.J. Hydorn

David and Diane Hyldelund

Naomi Ingalls

Howard and Mary Jack

Pam & JR Jacobson

Kathy and Vince Jimino

Howie & Paula Johannessen

Richard and Mary Jones

Martha Juenger

Tuula Karabin

Karen Kaufmann

Judi Kavaney

Daniel Keifer

Theresa and Walter Kersch

Joan Kinsley

Teresa Peters and Gary Klee

Beatrice Kovasznay

Bob and Amy Krug

Lydia and Bernie Kukoff

Mark and Kathy Kulchock

Roy Lamberton

Kyle Lavorgna

Rick Baird and Michelle Leclair

Jeff Levitt

Bonnie Lichak

Kevin Lippitt

Laren Lovering

Deborah Hallenbeck and Richard Lynch

Linda Macaione

Colleen Masters

Charles and Linda Matlock

Janet Mattox

Susan and Robert Mawhinney

Claire Mazzarella

Lani Richards and Fred McCagg

Laura McCoy

Thomas McGrath

James McKay

Hanns Meissner

Thomas and Meredith Mercer

Jim Miller

Linda and Lloyd Miller

Lynne Miller

Carolyn Moore

Gwen Moore

Tom and Diane Morgan

Stephen and Mary Muller

Stephanie Donato-Nichols and Kevin Nichols

Douglas North

Michael Oliveri

Ned and Connie O'Brien

Marietta and Mike Pasanen

Mary Lou Peck

Brent Perrott

Robert and Linda Peterson

John & Beverly Petiet

Robert and Renee Phaneuf

Ken Phelps

Tom and Peggy Phillips

Connie LaPorta and Chuck Porter

Tia Powell and Jim Shapiro

Susan and Paul Powers

Anne Rabe

Dale Raisig

Leah Rappaport

Howard Read

Gary Toth and Pamela Rehak

Juergen Reher

John and Claudia Reinemann

Nick Reinert

Eric Roccario

Phil Markham and Joanne Ruppel Markham

Barb Russell

David Sampson

Sheila Mahan and Peter Sanzen

Joanne Scheibly

David Schmidt

Kate Lovering and August Schneeberg

Judith S. Schreiber

Judy Schuchalter

Sophie Schwarz-Eise

Sylvie Schweig

Jane Scott

Bill Shorter

Mary Ann Shubert

Leanna O'Grady and Mathieu Simmons

Barbara Sinacore

Bob Sinacore

Nick Sizer

Claes and Martha Sjogreen

Kathy and Larry Skinner

John Smircich

Peter McGowan and Antoinette Smith

Carol Smith-Barrell

John and Sally Sober

Erica Sparrow

David and Barbara Spink

Marilyn Stapleton

Fred and Maren Stein

Johanna Steper

Howard and Margaret Stoner

Stephanie and Duncan Stewart

Joan Stry

Janet and John Stutzman

Catherine and Charles Sullivan

Christine Torey

Mark Treanor

Barb Treiber

Willard Ulmer

Chris Utzig

Bromwyn Helene and Franklin VanValkenburgh

Marc Violette

Mary Jo and Gary Von Bieberstein

Harvey Wald

Martha Waldman

Mary Washburn

Roslyn Webber

Robert Weber

Catherine and William Welling

Robert Whitby

David Wilber

Robert Williams

Barbara Wyman

Thomas Pendergast and Ingrid Young

Lisa Zimmerman

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