Reading the Forested Landscape


With Tom Wessels.


When:, Sunday, June 28 10 am - 2pm

Location: Pineridge Cross Country Ski Area 

Cost: See 'Registration' on right side panel


“It is wonderful to know nature through one-on-one encounters with other organisms, but it is perhaps more empowering to gain a fuller understanding of the patterns that have shaped its landscapes.  Through some knowledge of history and the broader view of seeing a forest and not just its trees, we begin to see the forces that shape a place.  This new way of seeing creates reverence, respect, a sense of inclusion and accountability.  Reading the landscape is not just about identifying landscape patterns; more importantly, it is an interactive narrative that involves humans and nature.  For those interested in enhancing their sense of place, I know of no better way than by becoming intimately acquainted

with their local forests and the fascinating stories they tell.”   Tom

Wessels   1997


This program is based on Tom’s book, “Reading the Forested Landscape, A Natural History of New England”.  It introduces people to approaches used to interpret a forest’s history while wandering through it.  Using evidence such as the shapes of trees, scars on their trunks, the pattern of decay in stumps, the construction of stone walls, and the lay of the land, it is possible to unravel complex stories etched into our forested landscape.  This process could easily be called forest forensics, since it is quite similar to interpreting a crime scene.


Tom Wessels is an ecologist and founding director of the master’s degree program in Conservation Biology at Antioch University New England.

Presently, he is Faculty Emeritus. Tom has conducted landscape ecology and sustainability workshops throughout the United States for over 30 years.

His books include: Reading the Forested Landscape, The Granite Landscape, Untamed Vermont, The Myth of Progress, and Forest Forensics: A Field Guide to Reading the Forested Landscape.





Please note: This workshop will be cancelled if we do not have enough participants to cover our cost by June 21. No refunds will be given after June 21. If cancelled for any reason a full refund will be given to all registrants.


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