2021-07-25 Geology Outing_no link.png

All the Time in the World:

Discovering the History of Place through Geology

with Krysia Kornecki and Jeff Briggs

Rescheduled for Sunday, July 25, 9-11am

Poestenkill Community Forest

200 Legenbauer Road
Averill Park, NY 12018
(in East Poestenkill)


Pre-registration is required - space is limited, so register early. Ages 12+.

$10 suggested donation; any amount is welcome.

Sorry, this is a rescheduled sold-out event -
we are not accepting new registrations.

Do you ever wonder why the views on your horizon, the mountain ranges or gentle slopes, are the way they are? Do you ever catch the light reflecting off a stone and wonder what it might be, or how it got there? Do you ever wonder what came before us?

Join me at Poestenkill Community Forest where we will go over some of the basic concepts and tools geologists use to read the evidence of what came before us in the rock record. This outing will help you imagine major geologic themes and processes including uniformitarianism, the law of superposition, the rock cycle, depositional environments, and deglaciation, and to write the narrative of the forest’s lifespan through deep time in your mind’s eye.


We will develop and practice new skills as we walk through the forest, stopping to make our own observations, discuss our discoveries, and work together to tell the story of the forest through the lens of deep time and see rocks as verbs.


Please bring a mask, water, a snack, and your curiosity. Also recommended, but not required: a notebook; pencils or colored pencils; a pocket knife or steel nail; a hand lens (if you have one).

Krysia Kornecki received a PhD in geology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2018. She enjoys hiking, canoeing, and camping, and is passionate about permaculture and sustainable, community-oriented practices. Her hobbies include walking with her dog in the woods, cross-country skiing (and skijoring!), horseback riding, gardening, farming, baking pies, writing essays, drawing and painting.


Questions? Email outing leader Krysia Kornecki.