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Game of Logging - Chainsaw Safety


Friday, October 28 or Saturday, October 29
















This full-day chain saw safety and tree felling course is sponsored by:


Rensselaer Plateau Alliance (RPA), 


New Your Forest Owners Association-(CDC-NYFOA), and 


New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH)


This class, valued at $150, is brought to you for this greatly reduced price through a grant from NYCAMH. 

Pre-registration required. Class size is limited to 10 participants/day.  You must bring your own chain saw, helmet, and chaps.  You will be in the woods all day.  Bring your lunch and drink.   For any details, call Dick Gibbs at 518-225-7371


The course is taught by professional logger and GOL trainer Bill Lindloff.


The cost is funded in part by a grant to NYCAMH.


Bill Lindloff knows how to cut down trees—good for him. He also knows how to teach other people to cut down trees—good for them. Lindloff estimates he has taught proper forest safety techniques to thousands of people—1,300 in 2008 alone—as a Game of Logging instructor.


Soren Eriksson’s Game of Logging (GOL) is a training program developed by a Swedish logger in the 1960s to increase attention to safety and reduce injuries. The result has been lower injuries to professional loggers, maple producers who thin their sugar bushes to improve their sap production and landowners who cut firewood or manage their properties.


This is a certificate-level course of value if you are a volunteer in any club or trail volunteer.

Sorry, both sessions are full. Please press the register button to sign up for the waiting list.


Those on the waiting list will get the first opportunity to sign up the next time we off game of logging and will also hear about GOL opportunities in other areas.

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