with Adam Haines

March 16 2021, 7pm

Spring is right around the corner! Here in Rensselaer County, a unique opportunity arrives along with the rain. On rainy nights, tiny, slimy, charismatic creatures that spend most of their lives underground, in the leaf litter or in the trees, begin their journey…in the hundreds and sometimes thousands.

Amphibians (frogs and salamanders) can be seen crossing the roads on these rainy nights. Amphibians have to lay their eggs in water, and start to migrate from their forest homes to wetlands when the ground is wet and the temperature reaches around 40 degrees F.

Sadly, many of these creatures are hit by cars as they cross the road. You can help! If you are interested in helping them to complete their journey, attend this online training to learn more about how to find a good spot, stay safe, identify amphibians, and collect some data! All ages are encouraged to attend!

Students with an interest in science, photography, or engineering are also encouraged to contact Adam Haines and join the Facebook group: Averill Park Amphibian Project.


This event is free, but
pre-registration is required.


To register, just click the link below.


Photo: Andy Adams, @aa_ecoprof


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